Sony Master Series A9G XBR-55A9G

Sony’s most recent creation, the Master Series A9G, conveys incredible picture quality with Google Assistant and an amazing implicit sound framework. The Sony A9G is known for giving the best inherent sound insight of all level screen board TVs in the market because of its Acoustic Surface Audio+. It makes 2.2 channel sound legitimately from the screen which is an astonishing accomplishment. The Sony Master Series A9G 4K TV has been given acknowledgment in the Best TVs of 2020 Gear Guide as the Best TV for Both Picture and Out of the Box Sound Quality.


From the accomplishment of the 2018’s A9F, Sony delivered another model toward the start of 2019 from its Master Series, the A9G. What would we be able to anticipate from this new version? Indeed, it’s essentially like most 4K HDR OLED TVs in the market today, it has excellent, energetic, and practical picture quality with amazing execution and remarkable OLED difference, shading, and dark levels.

Another extraordinary thing about the A9G is its remarkable showcase, we really imagine that it is genuinely excellent. It has ideal dark levels alongside a large number of radiant pixels. Sony utilizes the X1 Ultimate picture processor and Pixel Contrast Booster innovation so as to deliver splendid and dynamic tones, wonderful dark levels, and surprisingly differentiation. This outcomes in the best watching experience we have seen as each one of those highlights cooperating bring all your #1 shows and motion pictures to life.

Besides, the Sony A9G handles movements phenomenally and accompanies astonishing brilliant TV highlights and availability. The cost probably won’t be spending plan neighborly however with all the treats that you get, any reasonable person would agree that it merits each penny. Furthermore, if cash isn’t an issue and you are in that benefit rundown of individuals who can manage the cost of this TV, this could be the ideal OLED TV each individual longed for having.


At the point when you see the Sony A9G, the principal thing you will see is the way exquisite its plan is. It isn’t the commonplace plan of a level screen TV, expected to be mounted on a stand or a divider. Its bended back plan, super slender shape, and a slanted edge, it will grab your attention rapidly for its exceptional and alluring looks.

The Sony A9G has various sizes, 77″, 65″, and 55″, and its too meager bezel looks undetectable, it really feels it has no body edges. With such slick TV, the controller shouldn’t fall excessively far behind and it doesn’t baffle with its brushed metal completion. It’s very light and agreeable to hold and gives you the standard menu fastens just as assigned catches for Google Play and Netflix.


Like the vast majority of Sony’s TVs, the A9G has a solid working framework just as a thorough scope of valuable highlights and computerized media administrations. It utilizes Android TV which highlights Google Cast for getting to video and music real time stages, for example, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Movies, TV and Music, and Amazon Prime Video. There are likewise a ton of different applications, administrations, and games accessible to ensure there isn’t anything not found to appreciate amusement at your fingerprints guaranteeing your film, streaming as well as gaming experience is best in class.

Another extraordinary bit of leeway of utilizing Android TV for Sony A9G’s interfaces is the way that you gain admittance to Google Assistant. You can either press the pre-alloted button on the distant and talk into the receiver, or get totally without hands by saying a wake-up state like “Hello, Google”. This permits you to control the TV and all keen highlights without pressing a catch. We tried this and in all honesty, we had loads of fun with it. It truly functions admirably and any nerd out there will adore this component, ensured!


The Sony A9G is a Ultra-High Definition or 4K TV that shows HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision content and what Sony has called ‘Pixel Contrast Booster’, a board regulator expands the TV’s dynamic reach and builds the picture’s detail and surface. It has wonderful dark levels which implies that the blacks are genuine blacks, delivering pleasant, fresh and energetic pictures. Also, utilizing a visual field testing, the Sony A9G shows a pinnacle splendor of 504.27 nits, which is marginally dimmer than LG C9P and E9P yet is still brilliant enough.

As far as shading execution, the A9G didn’t neglect to intrigue us as the TV set really shows precise tones. All reds, greens, and sapphire pass the DCI P3 levels while whites and optional tones are run cool. These outcomes are the typical exhibition of current OLED TV yet on the off chance that you are not fulfilled, you can generally have it adjusted by experts.

On the off chance that gaming is your thing you will need to think about the TV’s slacking execution. After testing the Sony A9G input slack in Cinema mode, it shows an extremely disillusioning high pace of 101.5ms. Notwithstanding, changing to Game mode gives a surprisingly low information slack of 18.9ms. Likewise, attempting other testing hardware brings about 26.5ms, which makes the A9G extraordinary compared to other OLED TVs for gaming purposes.


The majority of us put resources into a superior TV on account of its excellent highlights, picture quality and sound quality. The Sony A9G has an Acoustic Surface Technology which makes the screen the real speaker. With the utilization of actuators put behind the screen, they vibrate the board transforming the whole glass board into an enormous speaker that really creates clear and stable sound.

However, there’s a little issue, the glass screen is excessively slender in the lower tones territory and it can’t create a lot of bass all alone. In this way, Sony incorporated a subwoofer or amplifier to upgrade the sound and we need to concede, the entire blend has been actualized rather effectively. The sound that emerges from the A9G merits tuning in to and with its inherent sound innovation, it’s perhaps the best development in TV in the course of the most recent couple of years.

You could generally append a soundbar to the framework and shift back and forth between one of the other, contingent upon what you watch. Sound is such an individual thing, what may be astounding to somebody, may be unsuitable to another person, yet it is in every event great to realize that the beginning stage is incredible, it is down to individual taste whether you need to add more to it or are content with what you get straight out of the event.


Sony has by and by demonstrated that long stretches of skill in creating predominant TVs brings about a work of art with their Master Series A9G 4K TV. In spite of some shading issues, the A9G actually creates amazing, clean, and point by point pictures, because of its astounding differentiation proportion. What’s more, regardless of whether the excessive cost forestalls the Sony A9G from getting the most elevated proposal, you can’t conceal the way that it dominates in pretty much every manner.

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