Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: Proficient evaluation tablets

The best Android Tablet

Apple has overwhelmed the universe of tablets with the presentation of its first-historically speaking iPad. What’s more, up to this second, the organization never has neglected to deliver incredible and excellent gadgets. Since the time too direct contenders like Samsung have attempted to raise capable and outperform Apple in making better and quicker iPad-like tablets. Samsung has been making proficient evaluation and easy to understand tablets throughout recent years however in all reasonableness, nothing so far has approached the iPad. In any event, every one of those long stretches of R&D, experience, achievement and frustrations have prompted the advancement of their most up to date and most recent Android tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.


With more Android tablets accessible in the market today that you can check, picking the correct one is an extreme call. Huge brands in the business, for example, Microsoft, Huawei, Lenovo, Asus, and obviously, Samsung have been battling their way up to show Apple out on the best position. They constantly grow new highlights with the point of getting customers to change from iOS to Android.

The Galaxy Tab S6 tablet utilizes the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor to run the motor, improve and accelerate designs and all the more critically, increment the tablet’s presentation. Exploiting the force in the engine from its Qualcomm processor, Samsung presents what they call the DeX mode. It fundamentally gives the client a PC like met by interfacing the tablet to a screen utilizing a DeX link. Presently, you can approach an on-screen console, alter photographs, or perform multiple tasks on a split-screen mode in a greater and more extensive screen. We tried this and we were truly intrigued by how all around actualized it was and it is unquestionably an approval.

Alongside the recently improved Snapdragon 855 processor, you get either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, adaptable capacity with 128 GB or 256 GB that can be stretched out to 1 TB utilizing a miniature SD card. Execution is impeccable, even with the section model of 6GB RAM and 128GB stockpiling and performing various tasks intensely. A unique mark scanner and two-tap motions awaken the 10.5 inch AMOLED screen show and it terms of plan, its more slender lightweight bezels and bended corners give the tablet a straightforward yet shrewd look. Battery life in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is good, pressing inside a 7,040-mAh battery that goes on for 15 hours ready and waiting. We tried the battery by watching 3 motion pictures consecutive at full splendor and there was sufficient squeeze left to do a little web based perusing.

You do get a splendid screen and speakers, and what stands apart is its slight plan and lightweight plan, which is ideal for when you marathon watch YouTube or Netflix.

Key Features

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor
  • Android 9.0 Pie and Samsung’s One UI
  • 10.5-inch super AMOLED screen show
  • 2560 x 1600 screen goal
  • 287 PPI
  • 16:10 angle proportion
  • 9.63 in x 6.28 in x 0.22 in measurements
  • 420 g weight
  • 6 GB, 8 GB RAM
  • 128 GB, 256 GB stockpiling with up to 1 TB miniature SD card
  • 8 MP wide-point forward looking camera, 13 MP super wide, and 5 MP wide-point back camera
  • 7,040-mAh battery that endures as long as 15 hours
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Quad speakers
  • S Pencil included
  • Accessible in shades of sapphire, pink, and silver



The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has an excellent 10.5-inch super AMOLED screen with 2560 x 1600 pixels of goal and 287-pixel thickness. It shows brilliant difference, on account of HDR10+, giving you profound blacks and clear tones. We have to feature this since we were intrigued by the nature of the screen. It is a delightful tablet in which pictures and recordings appear to spring up with its sharp and dynamic tones. In any event, accepting an iPad as the benchmark, on the off chance that you contrast it with an iPad’s screen, the Tab S6 comes up short on the splendor and variable revive rate that take out antiquities because of conflicting edge rate.

The S Pencil

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Android tablet accompanies a pointer, implied for drawing, taking notes, altering photographs, and that’s just the beginning. This is a lot of equivalent to Apple’s Pencil and in the Galaxy Tab S6 is unquestionably an incredible all-around apparatus and very much actualized. It probably won’t be as extravagant as Apple’s pointer however usefulness astute it has nothing to begrudge, it has the correct degree of opposition and precision to take care of business. It is like the S Pen that you get with a Galaxy telephone, yet somewhat thicker, tragically, it doesn’t have a particular stockpiling opening however charging it is too simple, simply cut it attractively to the rear of the tablet and it will charge remotely, like the iPad Pro’s Pencil.


A great deal of cell phones have numerous cameras yet the Galaxy Tab S6 is the first of its sort to include this arrangement. The 13MP super wide back camera is combined with a 5MP wide-point causes an extraordinary double set to up and the 8MP wide-point forward looking camera is ideal for selfies and video calling. Generally, it is protected to state that Samsung worked superbly with the cameras as they take sharp, splendid and bright pictures during that time up. The Night mode impact ensures pictures around evening time or in obscurity look stunning.

Annoyingly, there is no blaze with the cameras which can be a genuine agony in certain circumstances. We think that its odd when examining reports as in some event one needs that additional piece of light to get things in center.


Having four AKG-tuned Dolby Atmos-empowered speakers situated at the corners guarantee the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 gives splendid by and large stable. It actually a charming astonishment to tune in to the sound emerging from those speakers, one could never figure you could get such a great amount out of those speakers. To such an extent that we figure it can clash with the new iPad Pro 12.9 and conceivably end up on top. However, just with the iPad Pro Range, you get no 3.5mm earphone jack, so you have to become accustomed to utilizing Bluetooth headsets or a USB-C connector on the off chance that you need private tuning in


There is not something to be insane or historic about the Galaxy Tab S6 plan. It is unquestionably a major improvement from past models, for example, the Galaxy Tab S4 yet it absolutely can’t contend with the smooth and a la mode iPads. A few things must be called by what they are, you can’t gloss over this, despite the fact that Samsung puts forth an attempt and you can’t state either that the tablet is monstrous in light of the fact that it isn’t. It has pleasant milder edges, a more slender body than any past Galaxy Tablet, and a lighter edge with its unmistakable S Pen space at the back. From the top edge of the tablet, you will see the force, volume, and SIM plate while at the furthest edge you get the connector for the discretionary console spread. We should give Samsung credit as well, it is all pleasantly done and incorporated and in all reasonableness, the tablet is sleek and shrewd.

Battery Life

With the Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung has picked a more modest battery of 7,040mAh contrasted with the Tab S4’s 7,300mAh. However, before you put your hands up hopelessly, let me reveal to you that you don’t have to stress on the grounds that with a Snapdragon 855 chipset inside and quick charging innovation the tablet can remain on throughout the day, in any event, when we toss the kitchen sink at it Heavy video and applications utilize the entire day).

We were, nonetheless, baffled at its exhibition on reserve mode. You would anticipate that it should keep going for a few days yet as a general rule we would leave it for a day and a half or two days and when we got it was dead. Our recommendation would be, use and misuse it for a day (have confidence it can take it) however revive it like clockwork cycle, whatever battery left that you have toward the day’s end.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the best Android tablet on the lookout, indeed. Its wonderful showcase, astounding sound, and the amazing working framework just fortify that announcement. With incredible highlights, for example, the S Pen backing and DeX mode, it is an extraordinary tablet where you can really complete things. It is particularly appealing for watching recordings and doing anything “amusement” related. Despite the fact that it is as yet a no-coordinate for the sheer intensity of the iPad Pro 12.9, it is the best Android tablet and gradually chipping ceaselessly towards finding Apple’s iPads.

We are certain after some time with future firmware refreshes Samsung will expand the tablet’s usefulness and you will have the option to do considerably more things. On the off chance that you have a spending plan and you are as of now some portion of the Apple gadgets’ biological system, an iPad will bode well. On the off chance that you are in the android world, you won’t locate a superior tablet.

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